Legislative Regulation Review Committee

While the Legislative Regulation Review Committee has been in existence since 1972, it was a November 24, 1982 amendment to the State's Constitution which provided the authority for the General Assembly to adopt the current structure of the committee.

It is the responsibility of the Legislative Regulation Review Committee to review regulations proposed by state agencies and approve them before regulations are implemented. This position was adopted since all regulations have the force of law, and it is important that regulations do not contravene the legislative intent, or conflict with current state or federal laws, or state or federal constitutions.

This joint bipartisan committee is made up of 14 members: 6 senators and 8 representatives divided equally by party. In keeping with the bipartisan nature of the committee the chairmanship of the committee changes every two years. Pairing either a Senate Democrat and a House Republican or a Senate Republican and a House Democrat as co‑chairs.



  Committee Membership   

 Print List

 Print List

District Position Name  Website Party
S14 Co-Chair Maroney, James J. http://www.senatedems.ct.gov/maroney D
105 Co-Chair Klarides-Ditria, Nicole http://www.cthousegop.com/Klarides-Ditria/ R
S07 Ranking Member Kissel, John A. http://www.ctsenaterepublicans.com/home-kissel R
058 Ranking Member Arnone, Tom http://www.housedems.ct.gov/arnone D
032 Member Carpino, Christie M. http://www.cthousegop.com/Carpino/ R
110 Member Godfrey, Bob http://www.housedems.ct.gov/Godfrey D
S15 Member Hartley, Joan V. http://www.senatedems.ct.gov/Hartley D
S21 Member Kelly, Kevin C. http://www.ctsenaterepublicans.com/home-kelly R
122 Member McGorty, Ben http://www.cthousegop.com/McGorty/ R
S30 Member Miner, Craig http://www.ctsenaterepublicans.com/home-Miner R
S19 Member Osten, Catherine A. http://www.senatedems.ct.gov/Osten D
123 Member Rutigliano, David http://www.cthousegop.com/Rutigliano/ R
139 Member Ryan, Kevin http://www.housedems.ct.gov/Ryan D
114 Member Welander, Mary http://www.housedems.ct.gov/Welander D


Regulation Review Committee
  • Committee Administrator: Kirstin L. Breiner
  • State Capitol Building, Room 011
  • Hartford, CT 06106
  •   (860) 240‑0580
  •   Privacy Notice – Important 
  •   Privacy Notice – Important 
  • Public Hearing Testimony and Other Written Submissions

    Please be aware that all submitted testimony is public record. Depending upon the information you supply, this may reveal some or all of the following: Email address, physical address, phone number, name, age, and other personal information. All submissions are uploaded or scanned and linked on the Connecticut General Assembly website.

    All public hearing testimony, written and spoken, is public information. As such, it will be made available on the CGA website and indexed by internet search engines.

  •     2021-2022 Subcommittee Assignments 
  •     Virtual Committee Meeting Guidelines
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