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Recent Publications

Insurance Coverage for Bariatric Surgery

This report addresses questions regarding health insurance coverage for bariatric surgery and summarizes some relevant studies on the cost effectiveness of the procedure.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fee

This report describes legislative changes to the greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction fee (CGS § 22a-201c).

Student Loan Debt Legislation in Connecticut and Other States

This report describes recent student loan debt legislation in Connecticut and other states.

Money Follows the Person (MFP)

This report discusses the Money Follows the Person federal demonstration program, one of Connecticut's major long-term care rebalancing initiatives.

Public School Residency Requirements

This report summarizes Connecticut's public school residency law and applies it to different student living situations.

Landlords' Responsibilities for Abandoned Property

This report summarizes state laws regarding a landlord's responsibilities for property abandoned by residential tenants and the rationale for such laws.

Pharmacists' Administration of Vaccines

This report summarizes Connecticut's law and regulations on pharmacists' administration of vaccines.

Body Armor and Connecticut Law

This report summarizes Connecticut's laws on body armor.