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Recent Publications


This report discusses states that have banned the substance "kratom," whether there have been any legislative proposals in Connecticut to ban its sale, and if there are any documented overdoses or deaths in Connecticut due to its use.

Residential Contractor Registration

This report provides an overview of the (1) credentials needed for a general contractor to do work on a residential building and (2) state guaranty fund for customers to be reimbursed for losses from registered home improvement contractors' failures to fulfill their contracts.

Connecticut's Academic Achievement Gap

This report provides the most recent data available regarding the academic achievement gap in Coonecticut.

Drug Importation Programs

This report provides information on drug importation programs, including (1) a brief description of the federal law, (2) summaries of other state laws, (3) a list of states that recently proposed drug importation legislation, and (4) a summary of sHB 7267 (2019), which would have established such a program in Connecticut.

ATV Use on Private Property

This report discusses the penalty in Connecticut for operating an ATV on private property without the property owner's permission as compared to penalties in nearby states.

Motor Vehicle Fines and Charges Remitted to Municipalities

This report discusses the motor vehicle violations for which the state must remit a portion of fines or other charges it collects back to the municipality in which the violation occurred.

State-level Regulation of PFAS

This report provides examples of state laws regulating PFAS in drinking water and products. It also summarizes similar proposed legislation in Connecticut.

Local Income and Sales Tax

This report lists states in which local governments impose income or sales taxes.