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Recent Publications

State E-Cigarette Taxes

This report lists states that tax e-cigarettes. This report updates OLR Report 2017-R-0265.

Fifth-Generation (5G) Infrastructure and Related Federal Standards

This report discusses federal limits for maximum permissible exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as they relate to 5G telecommunications infrastructure.

Seat Belt Laws

This report provides a summary of Connecticut's seat belt laws as well as those in other states and whether such laws are effective at increasing seat belt use.

Protections for Pregnant Employees in Connecticut and Select States

This report describes the protections Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Washington laws provide pregnant employees. A summary of the protections provided under federal law is also included.

Income Tax Deductions for Social Security and Pension Income

This report explains the state tax deductions for Social Security and pension and annuity income. This report updates OLR report 2018-R-0029.

Cyber Threats and Cybersecurity

This report provides (1) an overview of cyber threats; (2) a summary of Connecticut's cybersecurity strategies, action plans, and resources for public utilities, state government, businesses, and individuals; and (3) an overview of certain state cybersecurity laws.

Connecticut's Unclaimed Property Law

This report provides a summary of Connecticut's unclaimed property law. This report updates OLR Report 2006-R-0507.

Drug-Impared Driving Laws

This report describes drug-impaired driving laws, whith emphasis on states that have legalized recreational marijuana. It also describes the tests or techniques used to identify drug-impaired driving.