Connecticut Law Revision Commission

Uniform Unincorporporated Nonprofit Associations Act

At its regular meeting on June 16, 1998, the Law Revision Commission voted to undertake a study of Connecticut’s Validating Act pursuant to a request of Judiciary Committee Co-Chairmen Donald E. Williams, Jr. and Michael P. Lawlor. The request asked for a report to the Judiciary Committee by February 1, 1999 and further specified that:

"The study should examine current validating acts and should review the items covered by them to see if there are any additional items to be covered and whether some of the items included are appropriately included. Secondly, the review should examine the feasibility of having the Validating Act as part of the General Statutes, so that the acts are validated with the passage of time without having to require the passage of a new Validating Act. Thirdly, the Law Revision Commission should compare Connecticut’s Validating Act with other states to see what procedures are used in other states."

The Law Revision Commission has now completed that review and has made a report to the Judiciary Committee.