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William R. Breetz
Judge H. Maria Cone
Representative Robert Farr
Jon P. Fitzgerald
Robert W. Grant
Representative Michael P. Lawlor
Michael W. Lyons
Representative Arthur J. O'Neill
Mary Anne O'Neill
Joel I. Rudikoff
Edmund F. Schmidt
Joseph J. Selinger, Jr.
Judge Elliot N. Solomon
Professor Colin C. Tait
Professor Terry J. Tondro
Senator Donald E. Williams, Jr.

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David D. Biklen
Executive Director

David L. Hemond
Chief Attorney

Jo A. Roberts
Senior Attorney

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To:   Members of Law Revision Commission Study Committee on the Validating Acts (I. Milton Widem, Rep. Robert Farr, Robert W. Grant, Mary Anne O’Neill)
From:  David L. Hemond
Date:   October 5, 1999
Re:   Referral of validating act corrections

At the September Law Revision Commission, the Commission referred to you the attached memo that I prepared recommending changes to Public Act 99-238, An Act Concerning Validating Provisions, which contains last year's Commission recommendations concerning a prospective validating act. Those changes are necessary to correct a drafting glitch, insert inappropriately omitted language, and correct a gap between the retrospective act, Special Act 99-07, which was effective for errors prior to January, 1999, and the prospective act, Public Act 99-238, which will not take effect until July 1, 2000. As noted in the memo, the prospective act does cover the gap with respect to instruments of conveyance but not in some other areas.

These changes are in the nature of technical corrections. If we assume that the legislature wants to prospectively validate matters that were previously validated retrospectively, the changes, if technically correct, do not raise policy questions. It seems to me, therefore, that the initial review can be addressed over the phone by my polling committee members for comment. If there are matters that need discussion, I will then schedule a telephone conference or committee meeting as you may request. I will be calling you shortly for your thoughts.

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