Connecticut Law Revision Commission

Uniform Unincorporporated Nonprofit Associations Act

On May 19, 1998 the Connecticut Law Revision Commission, acting in accordance with section 2-87(1) of the Connecticut General Statutes directing the Commission to "[r]eceive, consider and prepare comments and recommendations on proposed changes in the law recommended by the... National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws," voted to undertake a review of the Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act. A drafting committee was formed consisting of attorneys knowledgeable about nonprofit associations, as well as representatives of nonprofit associations, who reviewed drafts of the proposed act.  The drafting committee recommended that the Law Revision Commission approve a report and proposed bill prepared by the committee for submission to the Judiciary Committee for consideration in the 1999 legislative session.

The proposed Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act would have reformed the common law concerning unincorporated nonprofit associations in three important areas: authority to acquire, hold and transfer property, especially real property; authority to sue and be sued as an entity; and contract and tort liability of officers and members of the association.

At its monthly meeting on December 17, 1998, the Law Revision Commission voted to resubmit the report of the drafting committee to the committee for further study. Commission members expressed concerns about the expansion of liability protection to members of unincorporated nonprofit associations, and about permitting informal associations to hold and transfer property in the name of the association.