Connecticut Law Revision Commission

Electronic Communications Study Committee

At the request of the Judiciary Committee, the Law Revision Commission formed a drafting committee consisting of individuals in both the state public and private sectors who are knowledgeable about electronic technology to undertake a study of the use of electronic technology in commerce and other transactions in Connecticut. The drafting committee was directed to identify issues concerning electronic technology and to make recommendations for any necessary remedial legislation. The report of the drafting committee, including proposed legislation, is enclosed as Attachment. The overarching goal of the drafting committee was to create legislation that will permit and encourage electronic commerce and other electronic transactions in Connecticut, in both the public and private sectors, without imposing barriers to the development or use of new technologies or new applications for existing technology. The attached bill meets this goal by:

  1. Providing "technology neutral" legislation;
  2. providing greater certainty for parties involved in inter or intrastate commerce in Connecticut;
  3. validating electronic documents and signatures;
  4. permitting admissibility of electronic documents and signatures in Connecticut courts;
  5. granting permissive authority to state agencies to conduct business by electronic means.