Connecticut Law Revision Commission

Confidentiality of Medical Records

At the March 17, 1998, Connecticut Law Revision Commission meeting, the commissioners voted to undertake a study of medical information confidentiality laws pursuant to the request of the Co-Chairs of the Public Health Committee and the Judiciary Committee made by letter, dated March 3, 1998, to the Commission.

"We are writing, as Cochairs of the Public Health Committee and the Judiciary Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly, to request that the Connecticut Law Revision Commission undertake a review of the laws concerning the confidentiality of medical information.  We are, in particular, concerned that Connecticut law adequately protect the confidentiality of patients and meet the legitimate needs of treatment, the health care industry, and the public interest.

With these issues in mind, we request that the commission study existing state law and the status of developing federal regulations, and make recommendations to us prior to the 1999 legislative session for any revisions appropriate to the further development of this law.  Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions concerning the scope of this request."