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  to the Connecticut General Assembly's Nonpartisan Legal Office

An Overview

Attorneys in the Legislative Commissioners' Office (LCO) provide nonpartisan legal counsel to the members of the Connecticut General Assembly and their staff. Our position as nonpartisan professionals affords us unique insight into the mechanics of the legislative process. We are acutely aware of the often competing goals and interests of our clients. As a result, we adhere to strict standards of confidentiality while producing accurate, legally sound work in a timely manner.

The Legislative Commissioners -- one a democrat and one a republican -- are appointed by the General Assembly for staggered four-year terms. A nonpartisan director manages the day-to-day operations of LCO, and all LCO attorneys and permanent staff are nonpartisan.

Our Mission

At LCO, our mission is to serve legislators and other officials by (1) drafting legislation that expresses legislative intent in clear, concise and constitutionally sound language, (2) providing legal counsel, (3) publishing legislative documents, and (4) carrying out all other duties assigned by law to our office.

About LCO

General Statutes 
& Public Acts

2024 Legislative Session

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