Certificate of Need Task Force

PA 22-118, Section 124 There is established a task force to study and make recommendations concerning certificates of need. The task force shall study and make recommendations concerning the following matters: (1) The institution of a price increase cap that is tied to the cost growth benchmark for consolidations; (2) guaranteed local representation of communities on hospital boards; (3) changes to the Office of Health Strategy's long-term, state-wide health plan to include an analysis of services and facilities and the impact of such services and facilities on equity and underserved populations; (4) setting standards for measuring quality as a result of a consolidation; (5) enacting higher penalties for noncompliance and increasing the staff needed for enforcement; (6) the Attorney General's authority to stop activities as the result of a certificate of need application or complaint; (7) the ability of representatives of the workforce and the community to intervene or appeal decisions; (8) giving the Office of Health Strategy the authority to require an ongoing investment to address community needs; and (9) capturing lost property taxes from hospitals that have converted to nonprofit entities.


Certificate of Need Task Force
  • Certificate of Need Task Force
  • c/o Insurance Committee
  • Legislative Office Building, Room 2800
  • Hartford, CT 06106
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