Connecticut Data Analysis Technology Advisory Board

PA 18-175 There is established the Connecticut Data Analysis Technology Advisory Board, which shall be part of the Legislative Department. The board shall have the following powers and duties: (1) To advise the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government and municipalities concerning data policy, including, but not limited to, best practices in the public, private and academic sectors for data analysis, management, storage, security, privacy and visualization and the use of data to grow the economy; (2) to advise the Office of Policy and Management regarding the online repository established under section 2 of this act; (3) to issue reports and recommendations in accordance with section 11-4a of the general statutes; (4) upon the request of at least two members of the board, to request any agency data officer or agency head to appear before the board to answer questions; (5) to request from any executive department, board, commission or other agency of the state such assistance and data as necessary and available to carry out the purposes of this section; (6) to make recommendations to the legislative leaders and the directors of the offices of Fiscal Analysis and Legislative Research regarding data analysis skills and related expertise that the leaders and said offices may seek to cultivate among their staff through training or as a consideration when hiring staff; and (7) to establish bylaws to govern its procedures.


Connecticut Data Analysis Technology Advisory Board
  • c/o Government Administration and Elections Committee
  • Legislative Office Building, Room 2200
  • Hartford, CT 06106
  •   (860) 240‑0480
  •   Government Administration and Elections Committee
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