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Sec. 16-342. Prior compact.

Sec. 16-343. Connecticut-New York Railroad Passenger Transportation Compact.

Sec. 16-344. Exemption from state regulation and state and local tax.

Sec. 16-342. Prior compact. Section 16-342 is repealed.

(1967, P.A. 474; 1969, P.A. 46, S. 3.)

Sec. 16-343. Connecticut-New York Railroad Passenger Transportation Compact. The state of Connecticut hereby agrees with the state of New York, upon enactment by New York of legislation having the same effect as this section, to this compact for the purpose of providing for the continuation and improvement of essential interstate railroad passenger service:


For the purpose of continuing and improving the railroad passenger service of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (and its successors) between the city of New Haven in the state of Connecticut and the city of New York in the state of New York, including branch lines which are tributary to the main line of that railroad; Metropolitan Transportation Authority, a governmental corporation of the state of New York, and Connecticut Department of Transportation, an agency of the state of Connecticut, acting individually, but in cooperation with each other, or as coventurers where they deem it advisable and practical, are hereby authorized to do the following where permissible under the enabling laws of their respective states:

(a) To acquire through eminent domain proceedings, or by gift, purchase, lease or otherwise, the ownership interest in or the right to the use of all those assets of the said railroad (or of any successor in interest to such assets), be they real property, personal property or a combination of the two (including rights arising out of contract, franchise or otherwise), which are or may reasonably be expected to become necessary, convenient or desirable for the continuation or improvement of such service;

(b) To repair and rehabilitate such assets, or to acquire by gift, purchase, lease or otherwise, such new or additional assets and rights as they deem necessary, convenient or desirable for such continuation or improvement;

(c) To dispose of any such assets, new and additional assets and rights, or of the right to the use of the same, by conveyance, lease or otherwise (including, without limitation, the grant of trackage rights) when and to the extent that they are not needed for such service by the said agencies; and to abandon or discontinue portions of such service when advisable; and/or

(d) To operate such service, or to contract for the operation of the whole or any part of such service by others.

To accomplish the foregoing objectives, the said agencies are authorized, individually and jointly, to apply for aid, federal, state or local, to supplement those funds appropriated or otherwise made available to them under the laws of the party states.


The provisions of this compact shall be construed liberally to effectuate the purposes thereof. Amendments and supplements to this compact to implement the purposes thereof may be adopted by concurrent legislation of the party states.


This compact shall be of no force and effect unless and until the Congress of the United States of America, on or before December thirty-first, nineteen hundred sixty-nine, has consented thereto.

(1969, P.A. 46, S. 1; P.A. 77-9; P.A. 83-487, S. 5, 33; P.A. 85-613, S. 33, 154; P.A. 05-210, S. 47.)

History: P.A. 77-9 replaced Transportation Authority with Public Transportation Authority in Art. I; P.A. 83-487 added reference to successors to Connecticut Public Transportation Authority; P.A. 85-613 made technical change to restore language inadvertently lost through computer processing error; P.A. 05-210 amended introductory language to Art. I to remove reference to “said cities” and to replace Connecticut Public Transportation Authority and its successors with Connecticut Department of Transportation, effective upon the effective date of legislation enacted by the state of New York having like effect as this section, i.e. July 5, 2006.

Sec. 16-344. Exemption from state regulation and state and local tax. (a) Mass transportation and railroad service operated pursuant to this compact shall be exempt from state regulation.

(b) During such time as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, a state agency of the state of New York, or any subsidiary corporation of said authority shall operate the New Haven commuter railroad service under and by virtue of an interstate compact between the state of Connecticut and the state of New York, none of the authority's activities conducted within the boundaries of the state of Connecticut for or in connection with the operation, maintenance, repair or improvement of such service or of the agency's facilities shall be subject to any state or local tax, nor shall any state or local tax be imposed upon the possession, sale, storage, acceptance, consumption or other use of tangible personal property, including but not limited to motor fuels, by said authority or upon the rendering of services to said authority, for such operation, maintenance, repair or improvement. The Commissioner of Revenue Services shall provide exemption certificates, prepared by him, to the authority enabling it to avail itself of the benefits of this provision, but such benefits shall not be conditioned upon the preparation, issuance or acceptance of any such certificate.

(1969, P.A. 46, S. 2; P.A. 88-134, S. 2, 3.)

History: P.A. 88-134 added Subsec. (b) re exemption of any of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's activities conducted in the state from any state or local tax, effective May 6, 1988, and applicable to assessment year commencing October 1, 1988, and thereafter.

Since section specifically refers to “state regulation”, it is controlling as an exception to the Environmental Protection Act, which is general in its terms. 166 C. 337.