Connecticut General Assembly

State Capitol | Hartford, Connecticut 06106-1562

Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee

State Capitol Room 506


The bipartisan Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee (PRI) was established by statute in 1972 (Public Act 90) and eliminated in 2017 (Public Act 17-60). The committee’s main charge was to review and audit state agency programs for efficiency, effectiveness, performance, and compliance. Assisting the committee was an office of specifically dedicated fulltime, professional, nonpartisan staff, which was closed in January 2017 due to cuts in the revised FY 17 state budget and its implementation (Public Act 16-2, MSS). The last PRI study reports were approved in December 2016.

By tradition, two separate (but linked) CGA websites housed PRI information. The first was a standard CGA committee website containing traditional legislative materials identical to that of other committees. The second was for the “Office of Program Review and Investigations”, which contained all materials related to the committee’s special charge to review and audit state programs and other work (e.g., PRI reports).

The two available PRI archive websites are likewise separate (but linked). This site houses traditional PRI legislative materials from 2000 through 2016, described below. The other site called “Office of Program Review and Investigations” contains study-related material, including copies of all PRI reports back to 1973 and pre-2000 PRI meeting minutes.

Available for reference are committee archives for Bill Record Books, Bills Reported Out of Committee, Committee Meeting Agendas, Committee Meeting Minutes, JF Reports, Public Hearing Agendas, Public Hearing Transcripts and Vote Tally Sheets from 2000 to present. Choose a year and the document type to display a list of selections.