Substitute for H.B. No. 6325
Session Year 2021


To (1) require the Secretary of the State to report on certain election laws modified or suspended for any primary or election held in 2020 or 2021, (2) require any declaratory ruling, instruction, opinion or order of the Secretary to be adopted as a regulation and submitted to the Legislative Regulation Review Committee, (3) prohibit the unsolicited mailing of absentee ballots by certain election officials, (4) provide state-wide consistency regarding pre-election day processing of absentee ballots whenever authorized and prohibit registrars of voters from contacting voters for the purpose of curing unsigned absentee ballots, (5) require the Secretary to establish a pilot program from the verification of signatures on returned absentee ballot envelopes, (6) require that absentee ballot applications contain a statement regarding penalties for noncompliance with certain provisions, (7) establish a task force to study the feasibility of single-envelope returns of absentee ballots, (8) establish a working group to examine risk-limiting audits of election results, and (9) change the deadline by which minor parties need to file their rules with the Secretary prior to nominating candidates for office.

Introduced by:
Government Administration and Elections Committee

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Bill History

 Date Action Taken
 6/6/2021Senate Calendar Number 568
 6/6/2021Favorable Report, Tabled for the Calendar, Senate
 6/5/2021Transmitted Pursuant To Joint Rule 17
 6/5/2021House Passed as Amended by House Amendment Schedule A
 6/5/2021House Adopted House Amendment Schedule A 10272
 4/19/2021(LCO)File Number 500
 4/19/2021House Calendar Number 367
 4/19/2021Favorable Report, Tabled for the Calendar, House
 4/19/2021(LCO)Reported Out of Legislative Commissioners' Office
 4/12/2021(LCO)Referred to Office of Legislative Research and Office of Fiscal Analysis 04/19/21 10:00 AM
 4/1/2021(LCO)Filed with Legislative Commissioners' Office
 3/31/2021(GAE)Joint Favorable Substitute
 3/19/2021Public Hearing 03/24
 3/18/2021Referred to Joint Committee on Government Administration and Elections
 3/17/2021Drafted by Committee
 2/10/2021(GAE)Vote to Draft
 2/1/2021Referred to Joint Committee on Government Administration and Elections

Co-sponsors of HB-6325

Rep. Gale L. Mastrofrancesco, 80th Dist.
Sen. Rob Sampson, 16th Dist.
Rep. Mike France, 42nd Dist.
Rep. Craig C. Fishbein, 90th Dist.
Rep. Mark W Anderson, 62nd Dist.
Rep. Tom Delnicki, 14th Dist.
Rep. Jaime S. Foster, 57th Dist.

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