Proposed H.B. No. 5689
Session Year 2021


To: (1) Reduce the cost of health insurance premiums and prescription drugs in this state; (2) study and promote equity in the provision of health insurance coverage and health care services in this state; and (3) ensure transparency and fiscal solvency in the state employee, partnership, and municipal employee health insurance plans.

Introduced by:
Rep. Cara Christine Pavalock-D'Amato, 77th Dist.
Sen. Tony Hwang, 28th Dist.
Rep. Tom Delnicki, 14th Dist.
Rep. Tammy Nuccio, 53rd Dist.
Rep. Jason Perillo, 113th Dist.
Rep. Joe Polletta, 68th Dist.

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Bill History

 Date Action Taken
 1/27/2021Referred to Joint Committee on Insurance and Real Estate

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