Raised H.B. No. 5418
Session Year 2022


To (1) amend various juvenile and criminal justice statutes to provide for (A) next day summons for certain alleged offenses, and appearances for all juveniles in the geographical area court in which the alleged offense occurred, (B) earlier assessment for services to juveniles and articulation of reasons when a judge declines to detain a child, (C) increase flexibility when determining whether to detain a child, (D) increase the sharing of information concerning juvenile cases by law enforcement agencies, (E) allow for global positioning monitoring of juveniles under certain circumstances, (F) allow for automatic transfer to regular criminal docket for thirteen and fourteen-year-olds if charged with certain violent crimes, (G) establish a committee to evaluate the criminal justice system for juveniles and adults and eliminate the Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Committee, (H) exclude certain crimes from automatic erasure provisions, and (I) establish a distinct crime for motor vehicle theft, and (2) provide that no insurer shall decline, cancel or refuse to renew a private passenger nonfleet automobile insurance policy based on an applicant's or insured's experience of any motor vehicle loss due to theft or larceny.

Introduced by:
Judiciary Committee

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Co-sponsors for Amendment LCO:

Bill History

 Date Action Taken
 3/10/2022Public Hearing 03/14
 3/9/2022Referred to Joint Committee on Judiciary

Co-sponsors of HB-5418

Rep. Craig C. Fishbein, 90th Dist.
Rep. Mark W Anderson, 62nd Dist.
Rep. Devin R. Carney, 23rd Dist.
Rep. Patrick E. Callahan, 108th Dist.
Rep. Tom Delnicki, 14th Dist.
Rep. William A. Petit, 22nd Dist.
Rep. David K. Labriola, 131st Dist.
Rep. Vincent J. Candelora, 86th Dist.
Rep. Tami Zawistowski, 61st Dist.
Rep. Holly H. Cheeseman, 37th Dist.
Rep. Laura M. Devlin, 134th Dist.
Rep. Ben McGorty, 122nd Dist.
Rep. Jason Perillo, 113th Dist.
Rep. Robin Green, 55th Dist.
Rep. Nicole Klarides-Ditria, 105th Dist.
Rep. William Pizzuto, 71st Dist.
Rep. Mike France, 42nd Dist.
Rep. Tammy Nuccio, 53rd Dist.
Rep. Tony J Scott, 112th Dist.
Rep. Irene M. Haines, 34th Dist.
Rep. Cara Christine Pavalock-D'Amato, 77th Dist.
Rep. John Fusco, 81st Dist.
Rep. Greg S. Howard, 43rd Dist.
Rep. Mitch Bolinsky, 106th Dist.
Rep. Cindy Harrison, 69th Dist.
Sen. Eric C. Berthel, 32nd Dist.
Rep. Donna Veach, 30th Dist.
Rep. Charles J. Ferraro, 117th Dist.
Rep. Gale L. Mastrofrancesco, 80th Dist.

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