Substitute for Raised S.B. No. 905
Session Year 2023


To: (1) Establish permits for the retail sale of alcoholic liquor at auction, annual outdoor open-air liquor permits and event sales permits; (2) authorize wholesaler permittees to sell kegs containing cocktails and premixed drinks to certain retail permittees for on-premises consumption; (3) require the Commissioner of Consumer Protection to amend certain regulations in order to provide that certain pipes and lines used to serve alcoholic liquor shall be cleaned at least once every two weeks; (4) eliminate the prohibition against provisional seasonal outdoor open-air liquor permits; (5) authorize spirits manufacturers to sell products they manufacture under farmers' market sales permits; (6) provide that neither the State Fire Marshal nor any local fire marshal may require any liquor permit premises to be inspected more than once during any calendar year; (7) amend the alcoholic beverages tax to provide that liquor, certain alcohol and liquor coolers are taxed at the same rate as beer; and (8) allow for the establishment of new tobacco bars and for existing tobacco bars to expand or change location.

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