Substitute for Raised H.B. No. 6889
Session Year 2023


To: (1) Require a case of a child accused of certain offenses to be adjudicated in the court in the geographical area in which the offense is alleged to have occurred, (2) require mandatory fingerprinting of a child arrested for certain offenses, (3) limit a child's release to a parent who lacks control over a child, (4) provide for automatic transfer to the regular criminal docket of a child who is at least fifteen years of age charged with a serious juvenile offense, (5) permit the court to order a Department of Children and Families investigation into the family circumstances of a juvenile charged with certain offenses, (6) restore the family with service needs petition process and include a child who is truant in the "family with service needs" definition, (7) allow the court to order restitution in motor vehicle theft cases, (8) allow for victim compensation in the case of property crimes committed by a juvenile, and (9) require a study of the implementation of victim impact panels in juvenile delinquency proceedings and, if feasible, implementation of such panels.

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