Substitute for Raised H.B. No. 6548
Session Year 2023


To: (1) Authorize (A) alcoholic liquor manufacturers to enter into alternating proprietorship agreements, and (B) certain liquor permittees to enter into contract manufacturing agreements; (2) establish temporary auction permits; (3) provide that a permitted manufacturer of spirits or beer that also holds a farmers' market sales permit may sell, and offer free tastings of, its spirits or beer at a farmers' market operated as a nonprofit enterprise or association; (4) expand the off-site farm winery sales and wine, cider and mead tasting permit to include additional liquor permittees; (5) eliminate the sunset date concerning the period during which certain liquor permittees may sell liquor in sealed containers for off-premises consumption; (6) replace temporary beer and liquor permits with a temporary liquor permit for noncommercial entities; (7) authorize the Department of Consumer Protection to issue farmers' market sales permits to spirits manufacturers; (8) authorize certain liquor manufacturers that hold out-of-state shipper's permits for beer to engage in additional sales and shipping activities under festival permits; (9) provide that no person who assists an applicant, backer or liquor permittee in submitting an application for a liquor permit shall submit, or cause to be submitted, any false statement in connection with such application, or engage in any conduct which delays or impedes the Department of Consumer Protection in processing such application, provide that submitting any such statement or engaging in any such conduct shall constitute an unfair or deceptive trade practice within the meaning of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act and authorize the Commissioner of Consumer Protection to impose civil penalties on any person who submits any such statement or engages in any such conduct; (10) provide that a liquor permittee shall be a director, employee, member, officer, partner or shareholder of its backer; (11) provide that the department may summarily suspend a renewed liquor permit if the liquor permittee fails to timely submit a fire marshal certificate to the department; (12) subject beer manufacturers to beer keg identification, receipt and refund requirements; (13) eliminate special club, charitable organization, nonprofit public television corporation and nonprofit corporation permits; and (14) make minor, technical and conforming changes to the Liquor Control Act.

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