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Services for Legislators

Nonpartisan Legal Counseling and Bill Drafting

As an office, our legal experience spans decades and encompasses counseling legislators on a variety of important state matters including the conduct of investigatory hearings, the adoption of Constitutional amendments, the implementation of the state income tax and the establishment and reorganization of state agencies. On all such legislative matters, we are proud of the nonpartisan counsel we provide to the 187 members of the General Assembly which facilitates the important public policy issues members work on.

Each attorney in LCO is assigned to staff one or more legislative committees and develops an expertise in the areas of concern to those committees. In addition to drafting bills and amendments, the attorneys provide counsel to committee chairs and members concerning rules and procedures, state and federal statutes and regulations, and relevant case law. Our office also reviews all bills and resolutions favorably reported by the legislative committees in order to provide counsel to members on issues of statutory consistency, clarity and constitutionality before they are voted on by either chamber of the General Assembly.

Regulations Review

In providing counsel to the legislature's Regulations Review Committee, attorneys perform a detailed legal analysis of each regulation submitted to the General Assembly by any state agency and recommend approval or rejection of the regulation. Our work requires the highest attention to detail and the ability to work with all interested parties to resolve legal issues relating to the approval process. Currently, we are working with the Governor's office to better assure the accuracy and ready availability of state regulations in an on-line format.

File and Engrossing

Within LCO, separate units perform the office's File & Engrossing and Statutory Revision responsibilities. The File & Engrossing personnel assemble and publish the file copy which consists of the bill's text, analysis and fiscal note, for each bill favorably reported out by the legislature's committees. Additionally, the unit oversees the reprinting of file copies for bills that are amended and passed in the House chamber and transmitted to the Senate chamber. Engrossing of public and special acts by the unit involves the assignment of act numbers to bills that pass both chambers of the legislature and the designation of each bill as either a "public" or "special" act. Once engrossed, the unit finalizes the bill in accordance with requirements prescribed by the Joint Rules and the General Statutes in preparation for presentment of the bill to the Governor for approval or veto.

Statute Revision

LCO's Statute Revision unit is responsible for compiling and publishing all public and special acts enacted by the General Assembly, as well as revising and publishing the state's General Statutes. The office's attorneys develop the public and special acts index, codify public act provisions into the General Statutes and annotate court decisions interpreting statutory and constitutional provisions. Statute Revision personnel prepare the public and special acts and accompanying index for publication. The unit similarly edits and assembles the General Statutes' text, histories and annotations for publication of the revised General Statutes in odd-numbered years and publication of the Supplement to the General Statutes in even-numbered years. To assist practitioners and members of the general public in the use of the public acts and General Statutes, the unit assures the on-line availability of the statutes and issues a number of helpful reference tables.

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