Chapter 959 Court Jurisdiction and Power
Secs. 54-1m, 54-1s, 54-33a, 54-33b, 54-33g, 54-33m & 54-33p
Chapter 959a Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance
Sec. 54-41b
Chapter 960 Information, Procedure and Bail
Secs. 54-47a, 54-56e, 54-56g, 54-56i, 54-56j, 54-56k, 54-56l, 54-56n, 54-56q, 54-56r, 54-63d, 54-64a & 54-66a
Chapter 960a Youthful Offenders
Sec. 54-76l
Chapter 961 Trial and Proceedings after Conviction
Secs. 54-86, 54-91a, 54-91c, 54-95c, 54-105a, 54-108f, 54-124a, 54-125j, 54-125k, 54-130a & 54-130e
Chapter 961a Criminal Records
Secs. 54-142a, 54-142d, 54-142e, 54-142f, 54-142g, 54-142k, 54-142t, 54-142u & 54-142v
Chapter 968 Victim Services
Secs. 54-204, 54-209, 54-211 & 54-228
Chapter 969 Registration of Sexual Offenders
Sec. 54-261
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