Chapter 416 Department of Consumer Protection
Secs. 21a-2, 21a-7, 21a-8, 21a-10, 21a-11 & 21a-11b
Chapter 417 General Provisions. Pure Food and Drugs
Secs. 21a-51, 21a-65 & 21a-70
Chapter 418 Uniform Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act
Secs. 21a-101, 21a-104, 21a-106 & 21a-115
Chapter 419a Nonalcoholic Beverages
Secs. 21a-150b & 21a-150d
Chapter 419d Solicitation of Charitable Funds Act
Sec. 21a-190l
Chapter 420 Health Clubs
Secs. 21a-217, 21a-218, 21a-219 & 21a-223
Chapter 420b Dependency-Producing Drugs
Secs. 21a-240, 21a-249, 21a-254, 21a-257, 21a-267, 21a-277, 21a-278a, 21a-278b, 21a-278c, 21a-279, 21a-279a, 21a-279c & 21a-279d
Chapter 420c Controlled Substance Registration
Sec. 21a-319
Chapter 420f Palliative Use of Marijuana
Secs. 21a-408, 21a-408a, 21a-408b, 21a-408c, 21a-408d, 21a-408e, 21a-408f, 21a-408h, 21a-408i, 21a-408j, 21a-408k, 21a-408l, 21a-408m, 21a-408n, 21a-408o, 21a-408p, 21a-408r, 21a-408s, 21a-408t, 21a-408u, 21a-408v, 21a-409 & 21a-410
Chapter 420h Regulation of Adult-Use Cannabis
Secs. 21a-420, 21a-420a, 21a-420b, 21a-420c, 21a-420d, 21a-420e, 21a-420f, 21a-420g, 21a-420h, 21a-420i, 21a-420l, 21a-420m, 21a-420n, 21a-420o, 21a-420p, 21a-420q, 21a-420r, 21a-420s, 21a-420t, 21a-420u, 21a-420v, 21a-420w, 21a-420x, 21a-420y, 21a-420z, 21a-421, 21a-421a, 21a-421b, 21a-421c, 21a-421d, 21a-421e, 21a-421f, 21a-421g, 21a-421h, 21a-421i, 21a-421j, 21a-421k, 21a-421l, 21a-421m, 21a-421n, 21a-421o, 21a-421p, 21a-421q, 21a-421r, 21a-421aa, 21a-421bb, 21a-421cc, 21a-421dd, 21a-421ee, 21a-421ff, 21a-421aaa, 21a-421bbb, 21a-421ccc, 21a-421ddd, 21a-421eee, 21a-421fff, 21a-421ggg, 21a-422, 21a-422a, 21a-422b, 21a-422c, 21a-422e, 21a-422f, 21a-422g, 21a-422j, 21a-422k, 21a-422l, 21a-422m, 21a-422n, 21a-422o, 21a-422p, 21a-422q, 21a-422r & 21a-422s
Chapter 420l Miscellaneous Provisions
Secs. 21a-432 & 21a-434
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