Chapter 896 Civil Process, Service and Time for Return
Secs. 52-57 & 52-59b
Chapter 899 Evidence
Secs. 52-146d, 52-146f, 52-146v, 52-158, 52-161b & 52-180c
Chapter 900 Court Practice and Procedure
Secs. 52-190a & 52-196a
Chapter 902 Appeals to the Supreme Court
Sec. 52-264
Chapter 906 Postjudgment Procedures
Secs. 52-367a & 52-367b
Chapter 922b Fact-Finding and Arbitration
Sec. 52-549z
Chapter 925 Statutory Rights of Action and Defenses
Secs. 52-557b, 52-557v, 52-570d & 52-571g
Chapter 926 Statute of Limitations
Secs. 52-577d & 52-584
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