Chapter 697 General Provisions
Secs. 38a-8, 38a-37 & 38a-38
Chapter 698 Insurers
Secs. 38a-47, 38a-48, 38a-91vv & 38a-156a
Chapter 698a Health Care and Related Service Groups
Secs. 38a-183, 38a-193 & 38a-193a
Chapter 700 Property and Casualty Insurance
Secs. 38a-323, 38a-323a, 38a-324, 38a-331, 38a-343, 38a-343a & 38a-344
Chapter 700a Title Insurance
Sec. 38a-401
Chapter 700b Life Insurance, Annuities, Burial Contracts and Life Settlements
Sec. 38a-447a
Chapter 700c Health Insurance
Secs. 38a-472a, 38a-472c, 38a-472h, 38a-472j, 38a-472k, 38a-475, 38a-476, 38a-477aa, 38a-477cc, 38a-477dd, 38a-477ee, 38a-478j, 38a-478r, 38a-479, 38a-479b, 38a-488a, 38a-488c, 38a-488d, 38a-490b, 38a-492e, 38a-499, 38a-503, 38a-503a, 38a-503b, 38a-514c, 38a-514d, 38a-516b, 38a-518e, 38a-530, 38a-530a, 38a-530b, 38a-535, 38a-591d, 38a-591e & 38a-591g
Chapter 701 Personal and Commercial Risk Insurance Rating Practices
Sec. 38a-676
Chapter 701b Public Adjusters
Sec. 38a-724
Chapter 702 Licensing
Sec. 38a-771
Chapter 704 Unfair and Prohibited Practices
Sec. 38a-816
Chapter 704a Insurance Guaranty Funds
Sec. 38a-860
Chapter 705 Connecticut Insurance Information and Privacy Protection Act
Sec. 38a-999b
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