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Sec. 15-120dd. Written procedures. Nonbudgeted expenditures. Surety bond or equivalent insurance product.

Sec. 15-120dd. Written procedures. Nonbudgeted expenditures. Surety bond or equivalent insurance product. (a) The board of directors of the authority shall adopt written procedures, in accordance with the provisions of section 1-121, for: (1) Adopting an annual budget and plan of operations, including a requirement of board approval before the budget or plan may take effect; (2) hiring, dismissing, promoting and compensating employees of the authority, including an affirmative action policy and a requirement of board approval before a position may be created or a vacancy filled; (3) acquiring real and personal property and personal services, including a requirement of board approval for any nonbudgeted expenditure in excess of five thousand dollars; (4) contracting for financial, legal, bond underwriting and other professional services, including a requirement that the authority solicit proposals at least once every three years for each such service which it uses; (5) issuing and retiring bonds, bond anticipation notes and other obligations of the authority; (6) awarding loans, grants and other financial assistance, including eligibility criteria, the application process and the role played by the authority's staff and board of directors; and (7) using surplus funds to the extent authorized under sections 15-120aa to 15-120oo, inclusive, or other provisions of the general statutes.

(b) Notwithstanding the provisions of subdivision (3) of subsection (a) of this section, the board of directors may authorize the executive director to make nonbudgeted expenditures of up to one million dollars without prior board approval (1) to restore operations at any airport owned or operated by the authority, if such airport or the equipment of such airport is damaged as a result of a natural disaster or incurs a substantial casualty loss that results in an unsafe condition, or (2) where the failure to act would result in a disruption of airport operations. Not later than twenty-four hours after the executive director makes such nonbudgeted expenditure, the executive director shall provide notification to the chairperson or vice chairperson of the board of the amount of, and reason for, such expenditure.

(c) Each member of the board of directors of the authority shall execute a surety bond in the penal sum of fifty thousand dollars and the executive director shall execute a surety bond in the penal sum of one hundred thousand dollars, or, in lieu thereof, the chairperson of the board shall execute a blanket position bond or procure an equivalent insurance product covering each member, the executive director and the employees of the authority, each surety bond or equivalent insurance product to be conditioned upon the faithful performance of the duties of the office or offices covered, to be issued by an insurance company authorized to transact business in this state for surety or such equivalent insurance product. The cost of each such bond or insurance product shall be paid by the authority.

(P.A. 11-84, S. 4; P.A. 15-192, S. 2; P.A. 16-129, S. 2; P.A. 19-123, S. 1.)

History: P.A. 11-84 effective July 1, 2011; P.A. 15-192 added new Subsec. (b) re nonbudgeted expenditures, redesignated existing Subsec. (b) as Subsec. (c) and made a technical change in Subsec. (a)(7), effective July 2, 2015; P.A. 16-129 amended Subsec. (c) by adding provision authorizing board chairperson to procure insurance product equivalent to required surety bond, deleting requirement that surety bond be approved by Attorney General and filed in office of Secretary of the State, and making conforming changes; P.A. 19-123 amended Subsec. (b) to increase nonbudgeted expenditures from $500,000 to $1,000,000, effective July 9, 2019.