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Sec. 15-74b. Lines within clear zone prohibited.

Sec. 15-74b. Lines within clear zone prohibited. (a) No public service company shall construct or maintain any overhead line or facility within the limits of a clear zone.

(b) (1) Immediately upon July 6, 1971, the executive director shall establish clear zones, in accordance with regulations adopted by the executive director, for all public airport runways, and shall establish a list of priorities for the abatement or correction of encroachments thereon by public service companies. (2) Subject to the availability of funds, the executive director shall, from time to time, order the relocation, removal or such other appropriate corrective action as the executive director deems necessary to abate or correct such encroachments on clear zones.

(c) Where overhead lines already exist within the limits of an established clear zone, the executive director shall reimburse the owner public service company for the cost of relocation, removal or other corrective measures approved by the executive director. Funds required for the implementation of this section shall be appropriated from existing and future appropriations for state aid to airports in accordance with procedures adopted by the authority pursuant to section 1-121.

(1971, P.A. 678, S. 2-4; 1972, P.A. 96, S. 2; P.A. 15-192, S. 39; P.A. 19-161, S. 7.)

History: 1972 act replaced “electric company” with “public service company”, deleted word “transmission” modifying “lines” and amended Subsec. (c) by specifying that appropriations be made in accordance with commissioner's regulations; P.A. 15-192 replaced references to Commissioner of Transportation with references to executive director in Subsecs. (b) and (c) and replaced provision re regulations adopted by the commissioner with provision re procedures adopted by the authority in Subsec. (c), effective July 2, 2015; P.A. 19-161 amended Subsecs. (b) and (c) to make technical changes, effective July 12, 2019.