PA 16-216—sSB 394

Energy and Technology Committee


SUMMARY: This act requires the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) to authorize an additional $6 million of virtual net metering credits per year to municipal customer hosts that submitted their interconnection and virtual net metering applications to an electric distribution company (EDC, i. e. , Eversource and United Illuminating) by April 13, 2016. The additional credits must be apportioned to each EDC based on its customer load (i. e. , approximately 80% to eligible Eversource customers and 20% to eligible United Illuminating customers).

The virtual net metering law allows municipal, state agency, and agricultural electric customers that install certain renewable generation systems (“hosts”) to (1) receive a billing credit for excess power their system generates and (2) share this credit with certain other accounts (“beneficial accounts”). For example, if a photovoltaic system on a school's roof generated more power than the school used, a town could use the excess credits to reduce the electricity bill for its fire station. In addition to the $6 million of municipal credits authorized by the act, the law allows beneficial accounts to receive a total of up to $10 million of credits annually and limits the three categories of hosts to 40% of this amount.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2016


Related Act

PA 16-134 gives certain virtual net metering projects more time to become operational after an EDC accepts their virtual net metering application.

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