PA 16-46—HB 5242

Energy and Technology Committee


SUMMARY: This act broadens eligibility for virtual net metering by allowing participation by agricultural customers that lease or have a long-term contract for an agricultural virtual net metering facility. Prior law limited participation by agricultural customers to only those who owned such a system.

In general, virtual net metering allows customers to (1) receive a billing credit for excess power they generate (i. e. , “run their meters backward”) and (2) share their excess credits with certain other designated electric accounts (i. e. , also run other meters backward). Existing law requires electric distribution companies (i. e. , Eversource and United Illuminating) to make virtual net metering available, subject to a cap on credits, to agricultural electric customers that own their virtual net metering facilities and municipal and state agency customers that own, lease, or enter into a long term contract with virtual net metering facilities. Generally, virtual net metering facilities are renewable or clean energy systems that meet certain requirements.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2016

OLR Tracking: MF; JSB; pf: tjo