Connecticut Seal

General Assembly


Proposed Bill No. 815


January Session, 2015


LCO No. 3002



Referred to Committee on PUBLIC HEALTH


Introduced by:


SEN. LOONEY, 11th Dist.

SEN. FASANO, 34th Dist.



Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

That title 19a of the general statutes be amended to establish the Connecticut Health Policy Commission as an independent state agency that shall: (1) Be responsible for monitoring and reporting on health care cost, delivery and payment trends and making recommendations regarding policy changes to reduce health care cost growth and improve the quality of health care; (2) establish state-wide benchmarks for health care cost growth; (3) identify health care providers that exceed the benchmarks for health care cost growth and require such providers to implement a performance improvement plan developed by the commission; (4) collect detailed cost and expenditure data from health care providers; (5) monitor and review the impact of health care market changes; (6) review and analyze each proposed merger or acquisition involving a health care provider and, if it is determined that the merger or acquisition is likely to significantly impact health care competition or the ability to meet the benchmarks for health care cost growth, conduct a cost and market impact analysis to be provided to the Attorney General and the Office of Health Care Access.

Statement of Purpose:

To establish an independent entity to monitor and report on health care market trends and establish cost growth benchmarks with accountability measures.