PA 13-200—HB 6454

Public Safety and Security Committee

Transportation Committee

Appropriations Committee


SUMMARY: This act allows a municipality to designate fire station work zones and doubles the basic fines for speeding or committing certain other traffic violations in any such conspicuously designated zone where a uniformed firefighter is directing traffic. The municipality may designate a fire station work zone by posting a sign at the (1) beginning of the zone that reads: “FIRE STATION WORK AHEAD FINES DOUBLED” and (2) end of the zone that reads: “END FIRE STATION WORK.

As is currently the case for other similarly designated zones, neither the state nor a municipality or their agents or employees are civilly liable for any personal injury or property damage that results from a municipality's failure to post the sign.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2013


Enhanced Fines in Designated Zones

By law, when certain traffic violations occur in a traffic incident management zone or a conspicuously designated highway or municipal road construction or utility work zone, the court must impose an additional fee equal to 100% of the fine established for the violation. (By law, there are charges for these violations in addition to the basic fines. ) For the enhanced penalty to apply in the highway or municipal road construction zone, the Department of Transportation or municipality, as applicable, must post a sign at the beginning of the zone that states “ROAD WORK AHEAD FINES DOUBLED” and a sign at the end of the zone stating “END ROAD WORK. ” For it to apply in the public utility work zone, the utility must post a sign at the beginning of the zone that states “UTILITY WORK AHEAD FINES DOUBLED” and a sign at the end of the zone stating “END UTILITY WORK.

Table 1 shows examples of violations subject to enhanced fines.

Table 1: Examples of Motor Vehicle Violations Subject to Enhanced Fines

Law Violation

Statute (CGS )

Travelling too fast for conditions




Improper passing, safe distance, cutting in


Increasing speed while being passed


Disobeying officer's signal


Failure to drive in proper lane


Related Acts

PA 13-92:

1. doubles the basic fine for drivers who violate the cell phone ban in a highway work zone and requires that half of the additional fee be deposited in a new Special Transportation Fund account for highway work zone safety;

2. adds certain violations of the highway work zone to those violations that require drivers to attend the driver retraining program;

3. requires that the test given to a driver's license applicant include a question on highway work zone safety; and

4. requires the motor vehicles commissioner to assess up to two points against the license of a driver who violates the highway work zone law.

PA 13-277 ( 65-67) changes the way the highway work zone safety account, created by PA 13-92, is funded.

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