PA 13-145—HB 6523

Public Safety and Security Committee


SUMMARY: This act gives the UConn and Southbury Training School fire chiefs, or anyone serving as fire officer-in-charge for these entities, the same authority as their municipal counterparts when responding to a fire, service call, or other emergency in their jurisdiction. The UConn fire chief oversees both the UConn Storrs campus and UConn Health Center.

In doing so, the act requires these state facility fire officials to:

1. control and direct emergency activities at the scene;

2. order people to leave any building or place near such fire, service call, or emergency to protect them from injury;

3. temporarily block any public highway, street, or private right-of way while at the scene;

4. enter any building where a fire is in progress or nearby, or where there is reasonable cause to believe a fire is in progress, to extinguish the fire or prevent it from spreading;

5. generally inspect all buildings (except inside a private dwelling), structures, or other places within their jurisdictions, to prevent fires;

6. order disengagement or decoupling of certain vehicles (e. g. , trains) to extinguish a fire or prevent its spread; and

7. take command of any industrial fire brigade or fire chief when such firefighters have been called to a fire scene (CGS 7-313e).

The act also makes a technical change.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2013

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