PA 13-88—sHB 5345

General Law Committee

Judiciary Committee


SUMMARY: This act expands several notice requirements for homemaker-companion agencies (agencies). It also adds certain consumer protections to agency contracts, including specifying (1) when contracts are enforceable and can be cancelled and (2) payment obligations, including allowing agencies to recover payment for work performed.

By law, a “homemaker-companion agency” is any public or private organization that employs people who provide companion or homemaker services, such as help with personal hygiene, cooking, household cleaning, laundry, and other household chores, but not home health care.

EFFECTIVE DATE: January 1, 2014


By law, an agency must, within seven calendar days after beginning services, provide the client with a written contract or service plan. These contracts or plans must provide notice that the:

1. client or his or her representative has the right to request changes or review the contract or plan,

2. agency's employees must submit to a comprehensive background check, and

3. agency's records are available for inspection or audit by the Department of Consumer Protection.

The act requires these notices to be conspicuous and in boldface type and also indicate that:

1. upon the request of the client or the client's representatives, the agency must provide written notice that the comprehensive background check, as required by law, was performed for all agency employees that perform homemaker services for the client;

2. the agency is not able to guarantee the extent to which its services will be covered under any insurance plan; and

3. the client may cancel the contract or plan if it does not contain a specific period of duration.

By law, these notice requirements do not apply to agencies servicing clients in the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders.


Under the act, written contracts or service plans are not enforceable against the client or his or her representative unless they contain all the provisions the law requires. The act also allows a client to cancel a contract or service plan at any time if it does not state a specific period of duration.


The act requires clients to pay only for actual services rendered. It prohibits an agency from billing for excess fees or costs when it provides the services of a higher-skilled individual than the client needs.

The act specifically allows an agency that complies with the notice requirements to recover payment for work performed based on the reasonable value of the services the client requested and received. The court must have determined that it would be inequitable to deny such recovery.

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