PA 13-60—sSB 815

Planning and Development Committee

Education Committee


SUMMARY: By law, a local board of education must annually submit an itemized estimate of maintenance expenses to the town's appropriating authority at least two months before the authority's annual budget meeting. This act defines “itemized estimate” to mean an estimate in which broad budgetary categories are divided into one or more line items, including salaries, fringe benefits, utilities, supplies, and grounds maintenance.

The act also requires a town's appropriating authority to make spending recommendations and suggestions to the school board regarding consolidation of noneducational services and cost savings no later than 10 days after the school board submits its annual itemized estimate. The school board may accept or reject the suggestions, but must provide a written explanation of any rejections.

By law, a school board may adopt policies authorizing designated personnel to make limited appropriation transfers in an emergency, if a school board meeting to consider the transfer cannot be held in a timely fashion. The act requires the school board to provide a written explanation of the transfer to the town's legislative body or, if the legislative body is a town meeting, the board of selectmen, rather than only announcing it at the next regularly scheduled school board meeting.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2013

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