PA 13-37—sHB 6243

Public Health Committee


SUMMARY: PA 12-64 added “Thai yoga” to the list of terms or titles that can appear in advertising for massage therapy services only if performed by a licensed massage therapist.

This act exempts Thai yoga performed by people with specified training from the definition of “massage therapy,” thus allowing them to practice Thai yoga without a massage therapist license. The act also exempts such people from the advertising restriction noted above.

The exemptions apply to people who (1) are registered as yoga teachers with the Yoga Alliance Registry and (2) have completed 200 hours of training in Thai yoga.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2013


Massage Therapy Definition

Existing law defines “massage therapy” as the systematic and scientific manipulation and treatment of the body's soft tissues using pressure, friction, stroking, percussion, kneading, vibration by manual or mechanical means, range of motion, and nonspecific stretching. It may include the use of oils, ice, steam, and similar amenities, but does not include diagnosis, prescribing medications, spinal or other joint manipulations, or any services and procedures for which the law requires a license to practice medicine, chiropractic, naturopathy, physical therapy, or podiatry (CGS 20-206a).

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