PA 11-208—HB 6514

Government Administration and Elections Committee


SUMMARY: This act makes several changes to the statutes governing the legislative intern program to reflect its current operation. It provides that the cochairpersons of the internship committee be appointed by (1) either the House speaker or minority leader, as appropriate, and (2) either the Senate president pro tempore or minority leader, as appropriate, and not by the committee members themselves. By law, the committee's cochairpersons (1) may not be from the same party and (2) must be from alternate parties in the respective houses in each successive term.

With respect to interns' service, the act specifies that they (1) are only assigned to legislators, not to legislative committees or agencies, and (2) serve during the spring semester for the duration of the regular session or any subsequent special sessions and not for a nine- to 12-month term as under prior law.

Lastly, the act specifies that the internship committee report on the program's operation to each house of the General Assembly annually, rather than biennially, before the last day of each regular session. Under prior law, the committee reported to the legislature on or before January 2 of odd-numbered years. The act also eliminates a requirement that the committee appoint a secretary from either the legislative department or the state library.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2011

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