PA 11-133—sHB 6485

Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee

Government Administration and Elections Committee

Education Committee

Labor and Public Employees Committee


SUMMARY: This act requires the Office of Workforce Competitiveness (OWC), every two years, to identify and report on the sectors or subsectors in which workforce shortages exist, the workforce skills needed in those sectors or subsectors, and which career pathways should be established. The OWC must (1) develop its report in consultation with the Connecticut Employment and Training Commission and the departments of Economic and Community Development, Education, Higher Education, and Labor and (2) submit the report to the Board of Governors of Higher Education.

The act also requires the Department of Education to electronically distribute information on teacher shortage areas for at least the previous five-year period. This information must be distributed annually, by March 1, to the president of every higher education institution in Connecticut that offers teacher preparation programs. By law, the education commissioner must annually, by December 1, determine subject and geographic areas in which teacher shortages exist and certify them to the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2011, except the provisions relating to the OWC are effective October 1, 2011.

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