PA 11-95—HB 5482 (VETOED)

Planning and Development Committee

Government Administration and Elections Committee


SUMMARY: This act changes the Connecticut Capitol Center Commission's purpose and membership.

Under prior law, the commission reviewed the master plan for developing the Capitol Center District in Hartford and reported its findings and any proposed plan changes every five years to the governor and the Appropriations; Finance, Revenue and Bonding; and Government Administration and Elections committees. The act instead requires the commission to revise the master plan and submit it to the same three committees, but not the governor, by July 1, 2012, and eliminates the requirement that the commission review and report on the plan every five years.

Under prior law, the commission's members included the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) secretary or his designee, who served as the commission's chairperson; the Department of Public Works (DPW) commissioner, or designee, who could amend the plan; and the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) commissioner, or her designee. The act (1) eliminates the DPW and DECD commissioners as members and the DPW commissioner's authority to amend the plan and (2) adds Hartford's mayor as a member and makes him chairman, among other membership changes. (By law, unchanged by the act, the DPW commissioner manages and approves any land acquisition in the Capitol Center District, among other things. )

It also makes technical and conforming changes.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2011


Under prior law, the commission's 13 members were:

1. the OPM secretary, DPW commissioner, DECD commissioner, and the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism executive director, or their designees;

2. one appointed by each of the six legislative leaders;

3. the chairperson of the Hartford Commission on the City Plan;

4. a Hartford mayoral appointee; and

5. a representative of the South Downtown Neighborhood Revitalization committee.

In addition to the DECD and DPW commissioners, the act eliminates as members (1) the Hartford Commission on the City Plan chairperson and (2) a representative of the South Downtown Neighborhood Revitalization committee. It adds as members (1) the Hartford mayor or his designee; (2) a Hartford Court of Common Council member, selected by the council's majority leader; and (3) two representatives of Hartford 2000 Inc. 's board of directors, selected by the board's chairperson.


Connecticut Capitol Center in Hartford Master Plan

By law, there is a master development plan for Hartford's Capitol Center District, which generally consists of all land in Hartford bounded by Bushnell Park and Wells, Main, Buckingham, Wadsworth, and Cedar streets. Where feasible, central state government offices must be located within the district, except courthouses may be located outside of it.

By law, the master plan includes: land use, property acquisition, business and residential relocation; street system alignments and dimensions; internal circulation systems; parking facilities; utilities and services systems; landscaping, lighting and amenities; and building space use priorities, including programming, controls, and restrictions. An integral part of the master plan under the law is a capital improvements program, which indicates recommended scheduling of construction phases and the estimated costs. The capital improvement program's goal is to allow the Connecticut Capitol Center to develop (1) in an orderly and logical way and (2) so that the state government's central office's needs are met in a timely manner (CGS 4b-66(b)).

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