PA 11-27—SB 933

Education Committee


SUMMARY: This act gives the education commissioner authority to waive a statutory requirement that substitute teachers employed by local and regional boards of education have a bachelor's degree. The commissioner may do so for good cause at the request of a school superintendent.

The act also eliminates an obsolete restriction allowing school districts to employ substitute teachers without bachelor's degrees only in assignments lasting 10 or fewer school days.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2011


Required Substitute Teacher Authorization

State Board of Education regulations require school districts to request a substitute teacher authorization from the education commissioner before employing, for more than 40 school days in the same assignment, a substitute teacher who lacks the proper teaching certificate for the subject and grade the substitute is teaching. To receive authorization, (1) the substitute must have at least 12 semester hours of credit in the subject or elementary grades to be taught and (2) the employing school board must attest that no properly certified teacher is available for the position (Conn. Agencies Reg. 10-145d-420).

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