PA 10-130—HB 5264

Select Committee on Veterans' Affairs

Public Safety and Security Committee


SUMMARY: This act generally streamlines and codifies the process for the Military Department adjutant general to enter into contracts or agreements for federal construction (projects constructed with federal funds) on state property, subject to the attorney general's approval.

The act decreases, from twice to once per calendar year, the number of times the adjutant general must inspect National Guard units. It conforms the law to practice by allowing him to delegate his duties to department officials, including an assistant adjutant general, as he deems necessary to operate the department efficiently.

The act also makes (1) conforming changes and (2) technical changes affecting, among other things, the adjutant general's authority to adopt regulations. It conforms the law to practice by explicitly adding personnel administration to the issues subject to regulation.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2010


The act allows the adjutant general to enter into agreements, not just contracts, for goods and property, instead of just services, to carry out his duties, subject to the attorney general's approval. It also allows him, subject to the attorney general's approval, to enter into contracts or agreements necessary for the operation of the Military Department.


Federal Construction of Military Facilities

According to the Connecticut National Guard, the federal government will not build military facilities on state land unless either state law authorizes, or a state official approves, the construction.

Under current practice, and in the absence of statutory authorization, the Connecticut attorney general, before certifying to the federal government that a proposed project is legal, requires the governor to review and approve it. When the project is approved and certified, the federal government, in conjunction with state military officials, puts it out to bid, selects the winning bid, and awards the contract.

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