PA 10-48—SB 132

General Law Committee


SUMMARY: This act allows landscape architects to form professional practices with architects, professional engineers, and land surveyors.

By law, any combination of licensed architects, professional engineers, and land surveyors may form a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) to jointly practice their professions. The act adds licensed landscape architects to the group, allowing them to jointly practice with any combination of those professions.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2010


The act requires:

1. the personnel in charge of the landscape architecture for the corporation or LLC to be licensed landscape architects;

2. the corporation or LLC to obtain a joint Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) registration certificate at the direction of the State Board of Landscape Architects (SBLA) and other appropriate boards;

3. the corporation or LLC to provide, at the request of the SBLA and other appropriate boards, information about the business organization;

4. applicants to pay an initial $565 registration and a $375 annual renewal fee;

5. the corporation or LLC to comply with the landscape architect statutes;

6. all fees collected to be paid to the state treasurer for deposit in the General Fund; and

7. the DCP commissioner to adopt regulations with the advice of the SBLA.

The act subjects landscape architects to the existing requirement that each professional member in the joint venture own at least 20% of the corporation's or LLC's voting stock or interests and requires one or more licensees to own at least two-thirds of its voting stock or interests.

The act does not relieve the corporation or LLC, or anyone working for it, from liability for services performed. Additionally, no individual is relieved of his or her responsibility for services performed because of his or her employment or relationship with such a corporation or LLC.

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