PA 09-165—sHB 6466

Planning and Development Committee

Government Administration and Elections Committee

Appropriations Committee


SUMMARY: This act requires each regional planning organization (RPO) to establish a voluntary process for applicants to state or local agencies, departments, or commissions to request a pre-application review of proposed projects of regional significance. There are three types of RPOs: regional councils of governments, regional councils of elected officials, and regional planning agencies. Under the act, a project of regional significance is an open air theater, shopping center, or other development to be built by a private developer that is planned to create more than (1) 500,000 square feet of indoor commercial or industrial space, (2) 250 housing units in a one-to-three-story building, or (3) 1,000 parking spaces.

The act requires the RPO process to determine the components of the review. These components must include a procedure to assure that all relevant municipalities and regional and state agencies provide the applicant with (1) preliminary comment on the project, in a form determined by the agency; (2) summaries of each agency's review process; and (3) an opportunity for the applicant to discuss the project with representatives of each relevant municipality or state agency at a meeting convened by the RPO. At least one representative from each relevant municipality and each state agency, department, or commission must participate in the project's a review at the RPO's request at a meeting convened for this purpose. This requirement applies if the RPO notifies each agency, department, or commission of the meeting at least three weeks in advance. An RPO cannot convene more than one meeting for a particular project in any quarter of a calendar year. The act does not prevent two or more RPOs from convening joint meetings to carry out the act.

The results or information obtained from the pre-application review cannot be appealed under any provision of the statutes and are not binding on the applicant or any authority, commission, department, agency, or other official having jurisdiction to review the proposed project.

The RPO must prepare a report of the agencies' comments reviewing the proposal and give a copy of the report to the applicant and each reviewing agency.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2009

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