PA 09-119—HB 5222

General Law Committee

Planning and Development Committee


SUMMARY: This act prohibits anyone from placing a donation bin in a public place without permission from the place's owner or agent and unless it contains a notice in block letters at least two inches high stating that the donation is (1) for a charitable purpose or (2) not for a charitable purpose.

If the donation is for a charitable purpose, the notice must also state (1) the name of the nonprofit organization that will benefit from the donation and (2) that the public may contact the Department of Consumer Protection for more information. The notice must appear on the side of the bin where the donation is made. Under the act, a “public place” is an area used or held out for use by the public, whether owned or operated by private or public interests. It defines “donation bin” as a large container commonly placed in a parking lot to encourage the donation of clothing or other items.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2009

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