PA 09-113—sSB 825

Public Safety and Security Committee

Judiciary Committee


SUMMARY: This act prohibits paintball facilities from allowing minors (anyone under age 18) to use paintball guns at the facilities unless the user has been instructed or certified in procedures for using paintball equipment safely.

The act requires minors using paintball guns on public or private property to wear eye protection that meets the American Society of Testing and Materials specification F1776-01. It allows law enforcement officials to issue verbal warnings to parents or guardians of minors who do not wear such eye protection. A minor's failure to wear approved eye protection is (1) not a violation or an offense and (2) not admissible in civil actions and does not constitute contributory negligence on the part of the minor or his or her parent.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2009


The instructions on safe use of paintball guns may include:

1. a short video presentation on proper safety equipment and procedures;

2. verbal instruction by the facility's staff; or

3. a short written or oral examination on safety measures, which involves explaining any incorrect responses to the participant.

After completing the instruction, the facility must issue a certificate of completion to the participant.

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