PA 08-88—sSB 414

Human Services Committee

Appropriations Committee


SUMMARY: This act increases the asset limits in the state-funded, pilot home and community-based services program for adults under age 65 who have disabilities. Previously, assets were limited to 100% and 150% of the minimum community spouse protected amount ((CSPA), spousal asset protection in Medicaid long-term care law) for single and married applicants, respectively. The act increases the limits to 150% and 200% of the minimum CSPA, respectively, by tying the limits to those in the state-funded Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders (CHCPE). Thus, under the act, the increases for 2008 are: (1) $20,880 to $31,320 for a single person and (2) $31,320 to $41,760 for a married couple. (Federal law requires the state to update the CSPA each January 1. )

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2008


Pilot Program

By law, there is no income limit for the 50-person pilot (which offers home- and community-based services to individuals who are inappropriately institutionalized or at risk of such), but once an individual's income reaches 200% of the federal poverty level ($20,800 for a single person in 2008), he or she must contribute towards his or her care costs. And annualized program costs for an individual cannot exceed 50% of the weighted average cost of care in the state's nursing homes. The services available through the pilot program are the same as those available under the CHCPE, and include homemakers, adult day care, and minor home modifications, among several others.

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