PA 08-78—sSB 397

Commerce Committee

Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee


SUMMARY: This act establishes a “maintenance account” subaccount in the General Fund's state building works of art account. By law, the State Bond Commission must allocate at least 1% of bond proceeds for the construction, reconstruction, and remodeling of state buildings for art works. The act requires the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism (CCCT) to determine the percentage of the 1% allocation, up to 10%, to credit to the maintenance account. The account's funds must be used solely to conserve, repair, and clean art works commissioned and purchased for state buildings using the proceeds of the 1% allocation.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2008


1% for Art Works

By law, the State Bond Commission must, for purposes of calculating the 1%, exclude (1) the cost of a project's land acquisition; (2) nonconstruction costs, including the price of the artwork; and (3) any cost increases. The allocation must be approved by the public works commissioner in consultation with the CCCT. The money must be used to develop and evaluate proposals for art works for state buildings and compensate artists for their work.

The CCCT, in consultation with the public works commissioner, must credit up to one-quarter of the 1% allocation to the state building works of art account. The money is used to (1) buy art by distinguished state artists for public display in state buildings; (2) establish a bank of major art works for circulation among state buildings, public art museums, and nonprofit galleries; and (3) repair the art works purchased through the account.

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