PA 08-74—sSB 279

Insurance and Real Estate Committee

Transportation Committee


SUMMARY: This act adds to what the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) commissioner must include in regulations regarding accident-prevention courses drivers age 60 and over may take to qualify for an auto insurance premium discount. By law, the regulations must include the number of classroom instruction hours, DMV approval of schools and instructors, and certificate issuance to those who successfully complete the course. The act requires the regulations to also address approval of courses that drivers take on the Internet.

The act requires the commissioner to adopt regulations regarding such Internet courses, including methods to verify a person's (1) identity when he or she registers for, and throughout, the course; (2) participation throughout the course's duration; (3) course completion within any time requirements the course or commissioner requires; and (4) successful course completion.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2008


Auto Insurance Premium Discount

By law, a driver age 60 or older is eligible for an automobile insurance premium discount for successfully completing a DMV-approved accident-prevention course. The premium discount, which is effective at the policy's next renewal, must be at least 5% and apply for at least 24 months. The driver must complete the course within the year before he or she applies for an initial discount. For any future discount, the driver must complete a course within the year before the current discount expires.

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