PA 08-50—sSB 648

Education Committee


SUMMARY: This act applies the existing student records transfer laws to state charter schools. This means that state charter schools must send and be sent written notice of a student transfer. Additionally, state charter schools must send or be sent a transfer student's education records within 10 days of the notification. In the case of transfer students from Unified District #1, state charter schools must send the notification within 10 days of enrollment and must credit the students for all instruction received in the unified school district within 30 days of receiving the student's education records. Unified School District #1 serves students in the custody of the Department of Correction.

By law, charter school applications must include a description of the procedures for establishing a school governing council that must include teachers and parents or guardians. PA 07-3, June Special Session, additionally required the inclusion of the board of education chairperson for the town where the charter school is located and that has jurisdiction over a school that resembles the approximate grade configuration of the charter school. The act specifies that these membership requirements must be met at all times, not just at the time of charter application or renewal.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2008

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