PA 07-240—sHB 7311

Energy and Technology Committee

Legislative Management Committee


SUMMARY: This act allows a municipality to adopt an ordinance exempting from the property tax electric generating facilities used on a farm that use class I renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power and certain hydropower facilities. The law already permitted municipalities to exempt such facilities installed for private residential use.

The act requires the Clean Energy Fund advisory committee to study (1) the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of geothermal and other advanced heat pump systems; (2) appropriate geothermal applications for industrial, commercial, and municipal purposes; and (3) financial and other barriers to greater applications and ways to promote more applications. The committee must consult with the Department of Public Utility Control and the Energy Conservation Management Board (ECMB) in conducting the study. ECMB must report its findings and recommendations to the Energy and Technology Committee by February 1, 2008.

EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon passage for the study; October 1, 2007 and applicable to assessment years starting on or after that date for the tax exemption.

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