PA 07-164—sSB 1140

Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee

Judiciary Committee


SUMMARY: This act authorizes the Department of Higher Education to deny a refund from the Student Protection Account to a student in a private occupational school who falsifies information on a tuition reimbursement application.

The act also revises the information schools must provide in their applications for authorization to operate private occupational schools. By law, schools must submit to the higher education commissioner, or designee, their proposed student enrollment agreement and school catalog when applying for authorization. The act requires that the proposed school enrollment agreement and school catalog include, for each occupational instruction program, a description of (1) requirements for employment in the occupation or (2) statutory or regulatory barriers to such employment. It specifies that the descriptions of requirements or barriers included in the school enrollment agreements be in plain language.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2007


Private Occupational School Student Protection Account

The Student Protection Account is funded by quarterly assessments on private occupational schools' tuition revenues from Connecticut students and other fees related to the schools' operations. It is used to refund tuition to students unable to complete a course at a private occupational school because the school becomes insolvent or stops operating.

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