PA 07-52—HB 6370

Transportation Committee

Judiciary Committee


SUMMARY: This act increases the fine for violating laws relating to the provision and use of parking spaces designated for handicapped people. Previously, violations were infractions with a minimum fine of $85. The act eliminates the designation as an infraction and increases the fine to $150 for a first violation and $250 for a subsequent violation. However, it designates these fines as payable by mail to the Centralized Infractions Bureau so a court appearance is not required if the violator chooses to mail in the fine.

Under the prior law, a violator who mailed in the fine paid a total of $131. This included the base fine of $85 and, because violations were designated as infractions, additional assessments required by law bringing the total amount due to $131. Under the act, violators are no longer subject to the additional charges since the violation is no longer classified as an infraction. Therefore, for a first violation, the person will pay $150 instead of $131.

The violations of the handicapped parking law subject to the act's higher fine include:

1. parking in a space designated for a handicapped person,

2. unauthorized display of a special license plate or placard issued to a disabled person,

3. failure to return a plate or placard when required to do so by the motor vehicle commissioner, and

4. failure to provide the designated spaces for handicapped persons the law requires.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2007


Remittance of Fines to Municipalities

The law requires the state to remit to the municipalities in which the violations occur all amounts received for certain parking related violations, including those related to the special parking places designated for use by those with disabilities.

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