PA 07-47—HB 5108

Select Committee on Children

Human Services Committee

Joint Committee on Legislative Management


SUMMARY: This act extends reporting responsibilities related to the state's 10-year plan to reduce child poverty by 50% by June 2014. By law, each agency represented on the legislatively-established Child Poverty and Prevention Council whose budget includes poverty prevention programs must report to the council by November 1, 2007 on at least two programs, and describe the performance-based measurements it uses to gauge their effectiveness. The act extends this annual reporting requirement through November 1, 2014. It makes a conforming change to the law requiring the council to file progress reports with the governor's office and legislative committees each January.

It also extends, from FY 08 through FY 21, the requirement that the governor's biennial budget document include a (1) prevention report and recommended agency appropriations for prevention services and (2) report on the state's progress in meeting the goal that, by 2020, at least 10% of total recommended appropriations for each budgeted agency be allocated for prevention services.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2007


The budgeted agencies represented on the council are the:

1. Chief Court Administrator, Child Advocate, and Policy and Management offices;

2. Children and Families, Correction, Education, Economic and Community Development, Higher Education and Employment Advancement, Labor, Mental Health and Addiction Services, Mental Retardation, Public Health, Social Services, and Transportation departments; and

3. Children's Trust Fund.


Child Poverty and Prevention Council

The 21-member council is composed of legislative and executive branch appointees. Among other things, it monitors state prevention programs and the extent to which the state's actions conform to the legislative goal of reducing poverty by 50% by June 2014. It must also consult with experts and service providers and make budget priority recommendations.

Prevention Services and Programs

Prevention services are policies and programs that promote healthy, safe, and productive lives. Their purposes include reducing crime, violence, substance abuse, illness, academic failure, and other socially destructive behavior.

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